panic at pete wentz

wow Hi I'm Kat and i like bands and Frank Ieros hands


Anonymous: I'm so nervous to meet frank how is he??

He’s the nicest sweetest person you’ll ever meet. When you meet him he’ll probably say something like
“Hi how can I help you?” Because ya know he’s selling his merch.
And just say hi to him and say whatever you feel you want to say. And he’ll look at you and give you his full attention when you’re speaking with him no matter how many people are in line.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a hug/ a picture because he’ll smiles and say “of course!” (He always fixed his hair before pictures and it’s really just JAJDJA) and he’ll always ALWAYS shake your hand okay. He’ll shake your hand smile and thank you. Basically frank iero is a great human being okay.